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How does the media literacy help children?

The Coalition for Development of Media Literacy of Bulgarian children brings together organizations working in the field of education, media and civil society.

The coalition is open to all organizations that support the mission and are active in the field of education.
The Coalition has been working to develop digital literacy in Bulgarian schools even for children in 1st do 4th grade.

The aim is to ensure the safety of children as well as the development of their critical thinking and creative talents in the digital media world.
  • Developing basic digital literacy from primary to upper secondary education.
  • Building partnerships and cooperation with all organizations and institutions concerned with education and media literacy in Bulgaria (ministries, non-governmental organizations, media, etc.).
  • Promoting the importance of digital literacy among different target groups (parents, teachers, the media and the wider public).
  • They develop skills for critical thinking and teamwork that benefit them both in the virtual world and in the real world.
  • They understand how the different media messages are formed and what are their goals.
  • They recognize fake and manipulated information and false suggestions.
  • They take advantage of the wealth of information to learn, educate and develop.
  • They learn how to prevent themselves from abuse and abuse online.
  • They become full participants, not just consumers in the modern information and media environment.
  • They express positions on various issues that concern them.
  • Members of the Coalition


    The Centre for Inclusive Education

    +359 2870 20 63

    We believe that every child must be involved and valued. The Center for Inclusive Education works for social inclusion and quality education for all children.

    The Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre

    02973 3000

    The Bulgarian Safer Internet Center has been operating for 12 years with the partial financial support of the European Safer Internet programs and from 2014 - "Better internet for children". It is coordinated by the NGO for Applied Research and Communications in partnership with Parents Association and DeKoni Advertising Agency.

    Association Roditeli (Parents Association)

    02 944 17 99

    Our mission is: Encourage parents to be the best parents that can be and support children to become the best adults they can be. Our main goals are: Developing and promoting the idea of parenthood as a fundamental spiritual value in society and the family as a natural environment for raising and educating children.


    +359 2 405 30 34

    DigitalKidZ® Foundation is a non-profit legal entity registered for public benefit, which carries out its activities in accordance with Bulgarian and international law and in cooperation with Bulgarian, foreign and international organizations and institutions pursuing related goals and professing related values.

    The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate "Andrey Nikolov"

    0885 828 532

    Since its inauguration in 2004, The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate "Andrey Nikolov" has established itself as the home of independent artists in Bulgaria and the place where the most important social, political and cultural issues of the day are freely discussed.

    The centre is the first space for public debate and the first independent space for art, culture, social practices and psychodrama in Bulgaria. It is located in the former atelier and home of the great Bulgarian sculptor of the early twentieth century, Andrey Nikolov. Already with its construction in 1926-1928, the house became a place frequented by intellectuals and young artists with whom Andrey Nikolov exchanged ideas and shared his workspaces. Today the building is a monument of culture of national importance.


    +359 883 34 85 58

    The team of the educational portal "UCHILISHTA.BG" gathers people with different experience, worldview and vision. We are teachers, students, parents, and all who have and want to share. We build on our own experience and strive to combine into a working tradition and successful innovation. Join us, share your good news or practice together to stand behind our common goal: "The school and kindergarten have a real foundation that everyone builds and develops towards their view and worldview."

    Association of European journalists - Bulgaria



    We are here because there is a need. We are a professional community of journalists, part of the Association of European Journalists, an independent observer of the Council of Europe. Our goal is to take care of improving the media environment and the quality of journalism in Bulgaria and to support journalists who are prevented from doing their work freely.

    The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria (AEG-Bulgaria) is a non-profit association registered for public benefit. The organization was established in 2010.

    Center for Creative Training

    0882 506 425

    We are experts in the field of educational technologies, teacher training and we are the sole representative of Space Camp Turkey in Bulgaria. We are constantly looking for and sharing a global experience to support the qualitative change of Bulgarian education.


    0892 208 167

    Envision is a software system designed to make it easier for teachers to work and it aims on solving the two main problems in primary education, namely the lack of resources that can be allocated to classroom equipment and the lack of interest in science in children.

    To achieve this, the system is designed to ensure active participation of each student in the learning process through resource efficiency. The product is divided into three main parts - presentation, administrative and public portal.

    Education Without Backpacks

    088 99 15 835

    "Education Without Backpacks" (EwB) is a non-profit legal entity for public benefit. The EwB aims to support the modernization of education in Bulgaria and to create alternative educational and cultural resources in Bulgarian, mainly on the Internet.

    Teach for Bulgaria

    +359 02 988 06 88

    every child in the country must have access to quality education - no matter where he or she lives, which school he / she attends, and what the financial possibilities of the parents are.

    is to discover, train and develop capable and motivated professionals who work long-term.

    Studying in Plovdiv


    We are experts in the field of educational technologies, teacher training and we are the sole representative of Space Camp Turkey in Bulgaria. We are constantly looking for and sharing a global experience to support the qualitative change of Bulgarian education.

    Education Bulgaria 2030

    0899 510 520

    Our mission

    We unite the efforts of more than 40 organizations from the public, private and social sectors in the country for a common and long-term vision of quality education in Bulgaria by 2030. We define significant measurable goals for the results of Bulgarian education by 2030 and engage citizens and politically responsible people to work together to achieve the desired improvement in the quality of education and access to it. To this end, we are monitoring the development of key indicators in the education system, promoting good practice and advocating for policy change.

    National Network for Children

    02 988 82 07

    The National Children's Network advocates the rights and well-being of children by uniting and developing a wide, publicly significant network of organizations and supporters.

  • Developing policies for children and families;
  • Changing public attitudes to the rights of the child;
  • Developing a model for child participation;
  • Development of a National Network for Children;
  • Increasing its capacity;
  • Enhancing the public image of the National Children's Network.
  • Civil Action Network

    +359 88 88 16 830

    BlueLink is a well-established, nonprofit organization developing the capacity of progressive civil society and supporting democracy, environmentally sustainable development and the application of the value of a united Europe. BlueLink realizes its goal by promoting the strategic use of the Internet, publicly beneficial journalism, research and advocacy for the policies that shape them.

    Applied Research and Communications Fund

    +359 2 973 3000

    The Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC) is a non-profit organization established in Sofia in 1991 to:

  • to foster international and interregional cooperation and to enhance the capacity of non-governmental organizations and public-private agencies, building on the opportunities offered by new media and information technologies;
  • to contribute to the development of a knowledge-based society in the countries of Southeast Europe;
  • to promote competitiveness and economic growth in the region by promoting innovative solutions and supporting the transfer of new technologies and know-how.