This year also, the Media Literacy Coalition and its members are organizing a series of events to raise media literacy among students, their parents and teachers. In 2020, the Ministry of Culture is an official partner of the campaign, providing information on the events of all art schools under its authority. UNICEF and the Bureau of the European Parliament in Bulgaria support the Days by providing various trainings for students and teachers. The US Embassy Small Grants Program is also in support of the campaign again, this time with funding to create educational games for kids and teens.


February 5th

Media and Information Literacy Teacher Training. Organizer: Association for the Development of Sofia. Under the ‘Inclusive Communities through Media Literacy and Critical Thinking’ (IN-EDU) project, co-financed by the EU’s Erasmus + program.

February 6th

Publishing and sending packages to schools with sample programs to mark the 2020 Media Literacy Days and classroom aids. Organizer: Media Literacy Coalition. Location:

February 7th

Announcing the competition for teenagers My right of opinion! My causes in social networks. Organizers: UNICEF, AEG-Bulgaria, Teen Station, Vivacom and Resonator.

February 7th

Media literacy training for students, Sofia, National High School of Polygraphy and Photography. Organizer: Teen Station. Under the project „Academy for Teens: My Right to Have an Opinion!“ of UNICEF and AEG-Bulgaria.

February 11th

Safe Internet Day 2020. Start of the Media Literacy Days 2020 campaign and the Together for a Better Internet campaign. Organizers: National Center for Safe Internet, Media Literacy Coalition, Public Council for Safe Internet.

February 13th

Experts’ meeting of pediatricians and general practitioners on „The virtual world and its impact on children’s health: the professionals speak“. During the meeting, experts will share their experiences and discuss key topics related to the Internet and its impact on child health. The biggest risks for children in the digital age will also be presented. Organizer: Parents Association, Safe Internet Center, Pediatrics Magazine.


February 1-17

A series of thematic parents’ meetings on the risks and opportunities for children on the Internet – what parents need to know. Organizer: Parents Association.

February 17-18

A series of trainings for students in grades 7 and 9 in Bansko on online harassment and sexting. Organizer: Local Commission for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency – Bansko and Parents Association / Safe Internet Center.

February 21st

Workshops for students and teachers My Causes in Social Networks. Organizer: AEG-Bulgaria and Office of the European Parliament in Bulgaria. The training methodologies and aids were created under UNICEF and AEJ-Bulgaria’s project „Academy for Teens: My Right to Have an Opinion!“. Location: House of Europe, Sofia.

February 21st

A tournament in which, through the digital educational games Puklyovtsi, teams will compete with each other in recognizing the dangers to children on the Internet. The games were developed in cooperation with the National Center for Safe Internet and with the assistance of the Sofia Development Association. Location: Sofia Lab, Sofia, 2 pm.

March 5

Teachers’ Workshop Misinformation: How to Get Rid of False News and Expose them at School Organizers: AEJ-Bulgaria and Office of the European Parliament in Bulgaria. The training materials were created under the media literacy project in the classroom of AEJ-Bulgaria, the Fulbright Commission and the America for Bulgaria Foundation. Location: House of Europe, Sofia.

May 9

Hackathon for student projects. Organizers: UNICEF and AEG-Bulgaria within the framework of the project “Academy for Teens: My Right to Have an Opinion!”. In partnership with Teen Station and Resonator.

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