New Teacher Resources for the 2020 Media Literacy Days Campaign

In the Lessons and Presentations category of the site, you can find the following ready-made invitations, plans, presentations, and additional guidance for a parental meeting on the topic of online risks for children, divided into grades 1-4 and 5-7.

Plan for a parent meeting

Invitation for parent meeting

Presentation for parent meeting 1-4 grade

Parenting Guidelines for Grades 1-4

Presentation for parent meeting 5-7 grade

Parenting Guidelines for Grades 5-7

They are intended for educators and prepared with regard to the Media Literacy Days 2020 and the marking of the International Safe Internet Day (11 February). From Feb 1 until Feb 17, Parents Association organizes a series of thematic parent meetings on the risks and opportunities for children on the Internet – what parents need to know.

Gramoten.li has also added plans and presentations for media literacy and Internet security lessons for students in grades 1-4, grades 5-7, and grades 8-12. Topics for elementary and high school students are, respectively, “Neticket” and “Online Harassment”; for the high school course, the topic is “Sexting”.

In the For Parents category, manuals and books are now available for parents of children of different ages: \“Literate Children in the Digital Age: A Compass for Parents\“, \“How Not to Lose Your Child in the Virtual World\“, \“10 Myths for the \“Scary\“ Internet \“,\“ Are Aou Big mobile phones? \“

All materials are developed by the Safe Internet and the Parents Association and are available for free use.

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