The end of the word is near! Aad more about the fake news (video)

„You are with Yellow News, and I am your host… Simeon Michev. Shocking! German scientists have found the remains of notes of an ancient civilization, which predict that at 7:45 on February 28, 2020, the end of the world will come. Hide under the tables and prepare for the worst!“

With this sketch begins the video of 17-year-old Vladimir Michev, which you can watch below. As you could guess, it treats the fake news phenomenon. The US Embassy in Bulgaria supported its realization through the Small Grants Program. It is one of the five videos created within the Media Literacy Coalition\’s Media Literacy Coalition 2020 campaign.

Vladimir is among the finalists in the competition \“My right to opinion! My causes in the social networks\“, organized by UNICEF Bulgaria, the Association of European Journalists, Teen Station, Vivacom and Resonator.

The Media Literacy Days 2020 campaign is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Culture, UNICEF Bulgaria, U.S. Embassy Sofia and the Bureau of the European Parliament in Bulgaria.

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