New video on Ucha.se: How to spot fake profiles on social networks

The new video, initiated by the Media Literacy Coalition, is available for free to all teenagers

According to data for 2019, more than 6 billion fake profiles have been removed on the social network Facebook alone. This is more than the population of Asia and Africa combined. In 2020, Facebook announced that at least 5 percent of active monthly users were fake. And behind this profiles is often not even a real person, but a bot – this is a software application that performs repetitive tasks quickly and completely independently. They can mimic the behavior of a real user and spread spam, insults and/or false information.

These are some of the important things that teenagers need to know about fake social media profiles and which they can learn in the new Ucha.se video lesson: \“How to distinguish fake social media profiles\“. In the new video of Ucha.se, created in partnership with Media Literacy Coalition, it is shown how disinformation works in practice in accessible language for young people.

The video is suitable for junior high school students and is recommended as part of media literacy classes. However, the Media Literacy Coalition also calls on parents to watch it together with their teenagers, as there are important things to reflect and discuss.

The video tutorial is part of the Media Literacy through Distance Learning project of the Media Literacy Coalition fwith the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The video is included in the section of Ucha.se: “Skills of the 21st century” and made its premiere on March 2, 2021.

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