Watch on Ucha.se: Protection of personal data. Why is it important?

The video is produced by Ucha.se and the  Media Literacy Coalition for Junior High School Students

When we are online, our personal data is vulnerable because every action we take online leaves traces (digital breadcrumbs). Personal data is our first name, last name and surname; the address where we live; our ID card number and the unique civil number; our racial and ethnic origin; our political views; our sexual orientation; our religious beliefs, etc. We should not share our personal information with strangers and people we do not trust, so as not to fall victim to fraud.

These are some of the tips that young people will learn in the new video of Ucha.se and the Media Literacy Coalition: “Protection of personal data. Why is it important? ” The purpose of the video is to give basic guidance to young people, in accessible and entertaining language, on how to protect their personal data and that of their loved ones online. The video is suitable for a media literacy class or a class hour. The Media Literacy Coalition recommends that it be viewed in the family and discussed in an informal environment. Because the topic of personal data affects the whole family.

The video tutorial is part of the Media Literacy through Distance Learning project of the Media Literacy Coalition with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The video is included in the section of Ucha.se: \“Skills of the 21st century\“ and made its premiere on March 2, 2021.

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