Media literacy training in Sofia with journalist Rossen Tsvetkov

The “Media Literacy Online for Seniors” training is part of the “Media Literacy Online – Lifelong Learning” program of the Media Literacy Coalition and the Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation. It is implemented in partnership with the Vasile Levski Community Centre in Suhata Reka, Sofia. The event is held in the Sofia.

The program is aimed at so-called “newcomers” to social networks, older people who already have access to the Internet via smartphone or computer, but have not yet developed skills for safe and full use of new communication channels.

The presenter of the training is the investigative journalist Rosen Tsvetkov

The training will be held on 19 May from 13:00 to 16:00 at the community center “Vasil Levski” in “Suhata Reka” housing estate, Sofia. Sofia, address. Botevgradsko shose 50

The training includes the following skills:

How to distinguish credible from unreliable sources of information;
How to recognize fake profiles in social networks;
How to protect yourself from online scams;
What are the risks associated with our personal data online

Graduates of the training will receive a certificate for mentors in online media literacy. This is issued to all participants who have attended to the end of the program. Those wishing to take part need only complete this form by 18 May 2021 or call 0888661165.

За лектора:

Rosen Tsvetkov is one of the most recognizable Bulgarian investigative journalists. Since 2014 he has been part of the reporting team and since 2021 – of the production team of “bTV News”. Previously, he was a reporter at BNR and BNT, as well as a presenter of the morning block “The Day Begins” on public television. He is the author of investigations on corruption, electoral fraud, human trafficking and drugs, as well as numerous documentaries. Rosen graduated in journalism and then in electronic media production at Sofia University.

He has won dozens of international and national awards, including the Association of European Broadcasters’ Rising Star and CEI SEEMO awards for investigative journalism in Southeast Europe, the Valya Krushkina – Journalism for the People and Radostina Konstantinova Foundation’s Investigative Journalism awards, as well as the St. Vlas awards for television journalism and Man of the Year.

Rosen Tsvetkov is a certified media literacy trainer at KMG, a graduate of training and selected by competition under the “Media Literacy Online – Lifelong Learning” program, implemented by the Media Literacy Coalition in partnership and with the financial support of the Lachezar Tsotzorkov Foundation.

[translated automatically from the original in Bulgarian]

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