Media Literacy Days 2020

Media Literacy Days is a campaign that promotes the need to introduce media literacy in education. Media Literacy Days are organized annually by the Media Literacy Coalition, starting for the first time in 2018. In 2020, the main focus of the Days is the ability of children to create safe content on social media and the support of teachers for teaching media literacy at school. As in previous years, the campaign will continue to encourage the introduction of media literacy into educational programs. The aim is to develop children’s critical thinking and creativity in the digital media world.

Media Literacy Days 2020 include a series of trainings for students and teachers, preparing games for young people aimed at acquiring media literacy skills. This year, the campaign also includes young actors, taking part in the preparation of 5 short videos related to social networking behavior. Of course, there will also be a competition aimed at teenagers again. The rewards will be both tangible and intangible, as participation in a great digital adventure in which young people will learn a lot about the digital world.

For the Coalition:

The Coalition for the Development of Media Literacy in Education brings together organizations, scientists, journalists and trainers working in the fields of education, the media and civil society. All MLC members can be found in the About Us section.

The Coalition works to integrate media literacy fully into the educational process and to increase media literacy in society. Our goals are: Developing digital media literacy at every stage of the educational process; Building partnerships and cooperation with all organizations and institutions relevant to education and media literacy in Bulgaria (ministries, non-governmental organizations, media, etc.); Promoting the importance of digital media literacy among different target groups (parents, teachers, media and the general public).

Get involved! You can become a part of Media Literacy Days by participating in one of the following ways:

1. ‘Digital Star’ School and Teacher Packages

All schools wishing to become part of the Media Literacy Days and be included in the Digital Stars section can do so by using some of the pre-made programs we have prepared or by creating their own ones.

To become a Digital Star, send us information about events or lessons held at your school, photos and tell us how things went. Choose a ready-made program for marking the Days – from developed lessons to projecting free-to-use videos.

2. Make your own event, that we will include in the Media Literacy Days calendar and will promote throughout the campaign.

3. Support the Days as an Information Partner.

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