Highlights from the 2021 National Conference “Media Literacy against Disinformation”

The importance of media literacy for the resilience of Bulgarian society against the negative impact of disinformation and all forms of manipulation of public opinion and […]

Media Literacy Coalition and “Friedrich Naumann” Foundation for Freedom with an award from the “PR Prize 2021”

Media Literacy Coalition and “Friedrich Naumann” Foundation for Freedom won second place in the Communication Project of the Non-Governmental Sector category at the 21st edition of […]
2021-06-16 – the only Bulgarian fact-checking platform is now live is committed to verifying the facts that are the basis of news in the media, statements and publications on social networks. is a new […]

‎Training in online media literacy for the elderly in Montana‎ and Vratsa

‎The online media literacy training is aimed at older people (55+) who use the internet and social networks (Facebook or others) but still do not know […]

Media literacy through my subject. Teachers training for the Digital Stars community

In June and July 2021, a series of online trainings for primary school teachers will be held, with participants to be included in the “Digital Stars” […]

‎Video lesson of and Media Literacy Coalition presents the risks when we share photos‎ online

The video was prepared by and Media Literacy Coalition for High School Students‎ ‎There are few things that kids like to do more while online […]

‎How to spot misleading information and fake news online? Video lesson of and Media Literacy Coalition‎

‎The video was prepared by and Media Literacy Coalition for High School Students‎ ‎The concepts of “fake news” and “disinformation” may not be new, much […]

‎How to respond to online harassment? See in the new video of and Media Literacy Coalition

‎The video was prepared by and Media Literacy Coalition for High School Students‎ ‎What is online harassment? How and where can a child fall victim […]

Online media literacy for mentors with the journalist Mirolyuba Benatova

The Media Literacy Coalition organizes free training for media literacy mentors for employees in regional community centers, libraries and local municipalities. Тhe training is led by the […]

A working group from Sofia University presents the possibilities of the project European Media Coach Initiative [webinar]

The development of media literacy in Bulgaria and the opportunities of the project European Media Coach Initiative (EMCI) will be presented at two national webinars, scheduled […]

Digital security training for journalists and civil society activists in regional cities

Media Literacy Coalition invites journalists and civil activists from Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad and Burgas to take part in a one-day free cybersecurity workshop on How to ensure […]

New video on How to spot fake profiles on social networks

The new video, initiated by the Media Literacy Coalition, is available for free to all teenagers According to data for 2019, more than 6 billion fake […]

Watch on Protection of personal data. Why is it important?

The video is produced by and the  Media Literacy Coalition for Junior High School Students When we are online, our personal data is vulnerable because […]

UNICEF and AEJ Bulgaria presented the results of a study on the coverage of children in the media

On March 5, 2021, UNICEF Bulgaria and Association of European Journalists -Bulgaria presented a new report on current trends in the coverage of children in the […]

The good god: With HealthBuddy + against misinformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown that more intensive efforts are needed to protect the European Union Member States and their societies. In addition to the […]

Disinformation and propaganda on social networks: mechanisms, players, victims – lecture with Nikola Tulechki

On March 9, the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria, together with the association “Data for Good”, will held an online lecture on Disinformation and propaganda on social […]

Fake news during a pandemic: free training for high school students

A one-day free online training for high school students “Fake news during a pandemic: how to recognize and expose them” organized by the national online platform […]

Media literacy webinar for older people – invitation to participate

When: February 23, 2021 from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm Where: online How: Those wishing to participate must register by filling out this form by February […]

Fighting Disinformation with positive narratives

The Media Literacy Coalition and the Romanian organization Funky Citizens, together with HiveMind and Techsoup Europe (Poland), are organizing a four-day training designed exclusively for representatives […]

Training for better media literacy in the municipality of Kostinbrod

The Media Literacy Coalition (MLC) in cooperation with the organizations Techsoup Europe and Funky Citizens and in partnership with Kostinbrod municipality organizes training to increase media literacy […]

Online media literacy for mentors. Dedicated module for teachers

The Media Literacy Coalition invites you to take part in a free online media literacy workshop for teachers from regional schools who want to gain experience […]

Media Literacy Days 2021


The Media Literacy Coalition implements the project “Media Literacy through Distance Learning”

The Media Literacy Coalition is developing a methodology for the development of media literacy through distance learning for junior high school students. The methodology is part […]

Civil society, businesses, institutions, media and international organizations met at the 2020 National Conference on Media Literacy

The national conference “Media Literacy in Bulgaria. What We Learned from the Crisis”, organized by the Media Literacy Coalition and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, […]

AEJ-Bulgaria has published the first handbook for fact-checking adapted for Bulgaria

The first digital handbook for fact-checking adapted for Bulgarian databases is now a fact. Guide to examine the facts in the digital environment was created to support the […]

Media literacy in Bulgaria. What have we learned from the crises – national conference

Media Literacy Coalition and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, in partnership with Active Citizens Fund, Ministry of Culture, German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, American Chamber […]

Research shows that distance learning has not led to the development of media literacy among students

At the end of the extended campaign, we conducted two surveys on the topic of distant learning and media literacy development for the 24 May, Bulgarian […]

Survey: Only 8% of teachers have trained students to check sources of information

At the end of the extended campaign, we conducted two surveys on the topic of distant learning and media literacy development for the 24 May, Bulgarian […]

Internet risks: Protection of personal data on social networks

Personal data and strategies to minimize leakage and public access to information about us that we prefer no to share with anyone. This is the theme […]

Internet Risks: The Dangers of Photo Sharing (Video)

Sexting – the sharing of unambiguous sexual content in a personal chat, incl. and mostly one’s own erotic photos and videos is the subject of the […]

Endangered species in Bulgaria are characters in the new virtual tournaments of Puklyovtsite

May is World Biodiversity Month, and May 22 is the International Biodiversity Day. On this occasion, the Puklyovtsite and the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation are organizing four […]

A teenage hackathon creates solutions for media literacy

How to make the most in a creative way while maintaining their security and that of others on the Internet? The answers to these questions will […]

Internet Risks: What Is Online Harassment (Video)

Online bullying is one of the risks accompanying children’s growth in the digital age, when anyone can publish and distribute content that reaches many people. This […]

How to create media content on social media without copyright infringement (video)

How to express an opinion, tell stories and create engaging content on the Internet without violating the rights of authors and publishers of the works we […]

Safe distance learning in an online environment – guidelines for teachers and parents

What are the most appropriate web services and mobile applications for distance learning and why should social networks not be the first choice of teachers, especially […]

The end of the word is near! Aad more about the fake news (video)

“You are with Yellow News, and I am your host… Simeon Michev. Shocking! German scientists have found the remains of notes of an ancient civilization, which […]

The first media literacy games in Bulgarian are here and free to play

The first games on topic media literacy in Bulgarian for students in primary school are accessible for free on the educational platform Envision*. Media Literacy Coalition […]

Competition “My Right to Have an Opinion! My Causes on Social Networking”- the Winners

The contest “My opinion! My Causes in Social Networking”, featured in the Media Literacy Days 2020 program, brought forth 15 finalists. They continue in the last […]

Students and teachers were trained in media literacy at the House of Europe

The first of two media literacy seminars, organized by AEJ and the EP Information Office in Bulgaria on the occasion of the Media Literacy Days 2020, […]

Media Literacy Days 2020: A Seminar for Teachers on Misinformation

What are the means and methods for exposing misinformation and how can they be used in everyday life to identify credible information and quality journalism? How […]

Experts discussed key topics related to the Internet and its impact on child health

Pediatricians, general practitioners, psychologists, pedagogical counselors, social workers and child safety experts on the Internet participated in a meeting-discussion “The virtual world and its impact on […]

Children have fun and study at the Puklyovtsi tournament for safe internet

On February 21 in Sofia Lab there will be a tournament of “Puklyovtsi” for safe internet. The Media Literacy Coalition is a partner of the tournament, […]

Media literacy training for students in National High School of polygraphy and photography

On February 7, a media literacy training for students was organized at the National High School of Polygraphy and Photography in Sofia, organized by the Teen […]

New Teacher Resources for the 2020 Media Literacy Days Campaign

In the Lessons and Presentations category of the site, you can find the following ready-made invitations, plans, presentations, and additional guidance for a parental meeting on […]

Media Literacy Days 2020 kicked off with training for IN-EDU teachers

The launch of Media Literacy Days 2020 was launched on February 5 with a teachers training in media and information literacy organized by the Sofia Development […]

Media Literacy Days 2020


Media Literacy in Bulgaria: A Meeting of Experience and Expertise at All Levels

The “500 Markers” illustrate ideas from discussions during the meeting. Photo: MLC The Media Literacy Coalition (MLC) is organizing a national meeting to share experiences and […]

Teenage competition for videos and texts “Don’t fake with me!”

Photo by Gone Coastal, under CC Fake news isn’t a phenomenon from yesterday, they have emerged along with the ability of people to communicate information to one another. […]

Training for students and journalists “How do we recognize fake information?”

Training and hackathon for journalists and students with major in journalism Certificate for passed practical training for verifying facts 9 February 2019, The Red House Center for […]

Media Literacy Days 2019


The Media Literacy Coalition organizes teacher training for new media literacy classes


Media Literacy Days 2018

4 February – 17 March 2018 Contractor: Coalition for Media Literacy in Education In connection with the celebration of The International Safe Internet Day, which is […]