Media Literacy Days 2020 (February – April 2020) gives different organizations the opportunity to get involved in the Media Literacy Coalition Campaign using ready-made social media messages. Throughout the campaign, schools, teachers, students, information partners and sponsors can add #medialiteracy2020 to their posts on social media to monitor the progress of the campaign. If you would like to support the Media Literacy Days 2020, you can use one of the following messages:

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Media Literacy Days 2020 kicks off on February 5 for the third consecutive year. In 2020, the main focus of the Days is the ability of children to create safe content on social media and support for teachers to teach media literacy in school. Find out more about the Media Literacy Coalition Campaign and become a part of the Days here.

If you are a teacher and you are implementing media literacy training or you are planning to do so, join Media Literacy 2020 and become a part of the Digital Stars. Find out how!

Join the Media Literacy Days 2020 by supporting with awards the contest for teenagers“My opinion! My Causes on Social Networking ”on February 7th and/or the Student Hackathon March 28-29 at the innovative Resonator Hub. More about the conditions here.

Become a part of the Media Literacy Days 2020 campaign by listing your event on the subject in the program in February and March 2020! Learn How!

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Media literacy days are held for the third time in Bulgaria in 2020. Learn more! #medialiteracy2020

If you are a teacher and have ideas for Media Literacy Days 2020, become a Digital Star! Learn How! #medialiteracy2020

List your event in Media Literacy Days 2020 between February and March 2019. Learn More! #medialiteracy2020

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