Who we are?

The Media Literacy Coalition brings together organizations in the fields of education, journalism and civic participation, academics and media literacy experts.

The Coalition is open to joining all organizations that support the mission and are active in the field of education.


The Coalition works to integrate media literacy fully into the educational process and to increase media literacy in society.

The aim is to develop critical thinking and creativity, first of all, for children and young people in the digital-media world, but also for all other age groups in Bulgaria.

  • Developing digital media literacy from the beginning to the end of the educational process.
  • Building partnerships and cooperation with all organizations and institutions relevant to education and media literacy in Bulgaria (ministries, non-governmental organizations, media, etc.).
  • Promoting the importance of digital media literacy among different target groups (parents, teachers, media and the general public).
Why media literacy?

Media literacy helps children to:

  • Develop critical thinking and teamwork skills that benefit them both in the virtual and in the real world.
  • Understand how the various media messages are shaped and what the goals are.
  • Recognize false and manipulated information and false suggestions.
  • Use the wealth of information to learn, educate and develop.
  • Protect themselves from online abuse.
  • Become full participants, not just consumers in today’s information and media environment.
  • Express positions on various issues that concern them.


Antoaneta Vasileva

Member of the Management board

Iglika Ivanova

Member of the Management board

Angel Georgiev

Member of the Management board

Evelina Blagoeva

Member of the Management board


Yoana Marinova

Member of the Management board

Prof. Georgi Lozanov

Director of the Cultural Communications Directorate at BTA

Georgi Apostolov

Member of the Management board



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