Who we are?






Why media literacy?

The Media Literacy Coalition brings together organizations in the fields of education, journalism and civic participation, academics and media literacy experts.

The Coalition is open to joining all organizations that support the mission and are active in the field of education.
The Coalition works to integrate media literacy fully into the educational process and to increase media literacy in society.

The aim is to develop critical thinking and creativity, first of all, for children and young people in the digital-media world, but also for all other age groups in Bulgaria.
  • Developing digital media literacy from the beginning to the end of the educational process.
  • Building partnerships and cooperation with all organizations and institutions relevant to education and media literacy in Bulgaria (ministries, non-governmental organizations, media, etc.).
  • Promoting the importance of digital media literacy among different target groups (parents, teachers, media and the general public).
  • Media literacy helps children to:
  • Develop critical thinking and teamwork skills that benefit them both in the virtual and in the real world.
  • Understand how the various media messages are shaped and what the goals are.
  • Recognize false and manipulated information and false suggestions.
  • Use the wealth of information to learn, educate and develop.
  • Protect themselves from online abuse.
  • Become full participants, not just consumers in today's information and media environment.
  • Express positions on various issues that concern them.
  • Management Board


    Kristina Hristova


    Kristina Hristova is a president of the Media Literacy Coalition. Until September 2018, she is the director of the Red House Center for Culture and Debate. Kristina is one of the founders and president of the Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria from November 2010 until September 2016. For many years she was leading the website of the daily Dnevnik, dedicated to European issues – Europe.Dnevnik. For her work as a journalist on European issues, she has been awarded three times by the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria with the Robert Schumann Award, in the category of internet media. She holds a degree in International Relations from Sofia, Political Science and Political Sociology in Paris.

    Rumen Bakalov

    Vice Chairman

    Rumen Bakalov is a member of the Management Board of the Media Literacy Coalition. He has been a part of the coalition for 1 year. He is the founder of a software company Uchilishta.bg, which offers educational and administrative software to school institutions. Rumen has 5 years of experience in working with teachers and students and over 6 years of experience in managing commercial sites in Sofia, representing an American tech giant. In 2022 Rumen became a vice chairman of the Media Literacy Coalition.

    Yoana Marinova

    Yoanna Marinova is a member of the Board of Directors of the Media Literacy Coalition. She graduated with honors in International Relations and Economics from the University of Toronto, as well as a Harvard management program, and holds a Master of Business Administration from the American University in Bulgaria. Yoana taught media literacy and media production for economic and cultural development over 10 years in the United States.

    Yoana is the recipient of the United Nations award from the Universal Cultural Forum in Spain, the Harvard Harbus Award for Excellence in Journalism and Education, and a citation from the State of Massachusetts for achievements in the work with young people.

    After more than 25 years, she returned to Bulgaria to serve as a Chief Operating Officer at the Creative Training Center. Her work with the CCT is aimed at modernizing the Bulgarian educational system by integrating classroom technologies and teacher development. Joanna is currently the CEO of the Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation, where she continues to contribute to the social development in Bulgaria.

    Antoaneta Vasileva

    Antoaneta Vasileva is the Coordinator of the Safe Internet Advisory Line and is responsible for the Digital and Media Literacy Program at the Parents Association, part of the National Safe Internet Center. She holds a BA in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations. She specialized in international law and human rights in Sweden, with a special focus on women's rights and human rights in Montreal, Canada.
    Ms. Vassileva has over 16 years of experience in the prevention and support of children and women, and the protection of their rights, as well as in development of policies to combat human trafficking, for prevention and direct support for victims. Antoaneta Vassileva is a member of the Expert Group on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings at the Council of Europe Convention on Trafficking in Human Beings.

    Georgi Apostolov

    Georgi Apostolov runs the National Center for Safe Internet, coordinated by the Applied Research and Communications Foundation and the Parents Association. An essential part of the Safe Internet Center, whose mission is to protect children from online threats, is designing and implementation of training and educational methodologies for developing digital-media literacy for children.
    He is a co-author of various training methodologies for children, teachers and parents and regularly leads trainings on Internet safety, media literacy and digital skills. He has over 15 years of experience as a journalist at BTA and a number of print publications and he is one of the initiators of the Coalition for media literacy in education.

    Evelina Blagoeva

    Radio DJ and TV presenter. Evelina has been a part of the Radio FM+ team since the creation of the radio to this day. She was also the program director of Radio FM+, Radio Star FM. She has hosted a number of TV formats, including the show "I Love Bulgaria" on Nova TV. Founder of the media platform for kids on Radio Family. Founder of the Voice of Children Foundation, whose main purpose is to build a network of school media, united in a common media portal - Teen Station.
    "I believe that young people in Bulgaria deserve a better media alternative, and that with our help they can create one. This is the most inspiring and important project I've worked on. Over the years, radio and television have let me meet exceptional professionals and I am happy that they are now on the project's mentoring team."

    Iglika Ivanova

    Iglika Ivanova is a PhD candidate in Media Policy and EU Law DP and a lecturer at the Department of European Studies at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”. In 2003 she graduated from the Pancho Vladigerov State Academy of Music, and between 2005 and 2020 she worked as a reporter and editor in online media outlets. In 2018 she completed a master's program "E-Europe" with a master's thesis on "The role of video games in the development of media literacy", after which she focused on researching the responsibility of online platforms and measures to eliminate illegal and harmful content online on the European Union level.

    Iglika has many years of experience in creating and distributing media content. In the period 2019-2020 she was part of the author's team of the weekly online journalistic magazine Toest. Since the beginning of 2020 she has been actively participating in the development of educational resources, in the implementation of the initiatives and campaigns of MLC, and is maintaining the website Gramoten.li. Iglika is an affiliated member of the Media Education Lab at the University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI


    Iva Boneva

    Executive Director, Center for Inclusive Education

    Founder and CEO of the ELA Shared Learning Association (formerly Center for Inclusive Education). She holds a Master‘s Degree in Social Development and Social Policy from the University of Manchester, UK and a PhD in Social Pedagogy from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". She gained her experience in the fields of social policy and social development by working for the United Nations Development Program, Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children Fund, as well as for Bulgarian NGOs.
    Iva is one of the founders and a member of the Board of the Bulgarian Platform for International Development, a member of the Board of the Division of International Special Education and Services, a scholar under the Chevening Program of the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a scholarship recipient from the German Marshall Fund of the United States. She was also honoured by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria for outstanding contribution and service to the protection of the rights of the child.

    Ivan Radev

    Ivan Radev is a member of the Management Board of the Association of European Journalists -Bulgaria and the leader of the project "Media Literacy in the Classroom". He has over 10 years of journalistic practice. Ivan graduated Balkan Studies at Sofia University and is closely following the development of societies in Southeastern Europe. He knows Romanian and has been a correspondent for Bulgaria for the Romanian national news agency Agerpress for five years.

    Prof. Nelly Ognyanova

    Nelly Ognyanova is a lawyer. Doctor of Laws (1985). In the late 1990s she became the first head of the newly established European Studies Department at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”, where she has been working so far. Doctor of Science (2006), Professor (2009). Nelly Ognyanova teaches Media Law, writes in the field of Media Law, participates in drafting media legislation (1998, 2000, 2006, 2010, etc.) She introduces teaching of European Media Law in Bulgaria. She was a member of the media regulator, the electronic communications regulator and the ethics committee of the Bulgarian media.

    Prof. Georgi Lozanov

    Director of the Cultural Communications Directorate at BTA

    Georgi Lozanov is a Bulgarian media and journalism expert, founding member of the Media Democracy Foundation and director of the Cultural Communications Directorate at the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA).
    Associate Professor at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication at Sofia University (since 1994). Guest lecturer at the New Bulgarian University, National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov”, Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski.
    Head of the Department of Printing and Book Publishing at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”(1995-1998 and 2004-2010). A member of the first media regulatory body in Bulgaria since its foundation (1997-2001): the National Council for Radio and Television, from the president‘s quota.

    Nikoleta Daskalova

    Nikoleta Daskalova is an analyst at the Media Democracy Foundation. Author of numerous studies in the field of media monitoring, pluralism and structural processes in the Bulgarian media environment. She is the co-author of “Being a Journalist: State of the Profession” (2017) and "The Language of Hate in Bulgaria: Risk Areas, Vulnerable Sites" (2016). With experience in preparing seminars for schoolchildren, university students and civic activists on topics related to media culture.

    Prof. Orlin Spasov

    Orlin Spasov is the Executive Director of Media Democracy Foundation and an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication at Sofia University. Spasov teaches Media and Communication Studies, Internet Culture, Media and the European Public Sphere, and more. His most recent publications include the co-authorship of the book “Being a Journalist: State of the Profession” (2017) and “The Language of Hate in Bulgaria: Risk Areas, Vulnerable Sites” (2016). Spasov is the author of “Sports and Politics: Media Rituals, Power Games” (2013), “Transition and the Media: Representation Policies” (2000) as well as compiler and co-compiler of more than fifteen books.

    Martin Dimitrov

    Martin Dimitrov has been a correspondent in Bulgaria for Balkan Insight, an English-language regional media portal, since January 2018. He is also the editor of the English-language magazine Kapital Quarterly, which is published every three months by Economedia. He has previously written for three years for Capital Weekly, covering domestic and foreign policy areas. He graduated politics at the University of Glasgow, UK in 2014.

    Ivana Popova

    In 2020 Ivana Popova graduated from the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, specializing in Communication. She has been actively involved in digital communications for three years, and has been a manager of “Social Media Management” at the global Dentsu Aegis Network Bulgaria. Ivana is the creator of the Media Literacy for Positive Youth Development program for students aged 13-15, with a focus on media literacy and fact-checking in a digital environment, critical thinking and misinformation. The class was held in March 2019 at the Second English Language School Thomas Jefferson in Sofia with 203 8th grade students.

    Prof. Daniel Danov

    Danail Danov is Professor of Media Science, Media Pedagogy and Media Literacy at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ". His career development is related to work in the field of journalism, media, academic and practical training, and applied research in the field of communication. For ten years he was program director of the Center for Media Development, Sofia, twice was elected a member of the Board of the Bulgarian National Radio. He has participated in and managed dozens of national and international media projects.
    Author of the books "Media Communication Pedagogy", "Children and the Media", "Effective Communication Pedagogy", "Information Radio – А Look inside", "Media Literacy: Genesis, Rethinking Experience, Challenges and Perspectives".

    Ralitsa Kovacheva

    Ralitsa Kovacheva is a doctor of journalism and a lecturer in international journalism at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". She has published two books: “Center and Periphery of the Europeanized Public Spheres” (2017) and “The Mediated Dimension of Foreign Policy” (co-authored with Prof. Maria Neykova, 2017). She has worked as a journalist at BNT, FM Radio Plus, among the creators of the tv channels Re:TV and BiT.

    Evelina Zdravkova

    Dr. Evelina Lyubomirova Zdravkova-Velichkova defended her thesis "Intellectual Law Aspects in the Media Industry" at the University of Library Science and Information Technology - Sofia. For more than 20 years she has been an active journalist in the Maritza newspaper, the largest non-metropolitan daily in Bulgaria, published in Plovdiv. She works as a reporter, team leader and editor-in-chief of the web site www.marica.bg. She is currently a chief expert in Research and International Relations at the University of Library and Information Technology - Sofia. Since 1995 she has been a member of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists and a member of the Association of European Journalists in Bulgaria and the International Network Intellectual Property Teachers in Bulgaria. She is a member of the University Youth Academy of Knowledge Management.

    Evi Karageorgоu

    Evi worked in the field of media literacy in England and Slovenia for 3 years, then she decided to return to Bulgaria and apply here the lessons learned through the Coalition. In England, she worked on projects that, through documentary, develop media literacy and critical thinking among young people, and in Slovenia she was a producer of the country's largest youth cinema festival. Under the projects she took part in, young people were introduced to human rights topics and analysis of current political issues.
    Evi has graduated European Studies in Slovenia and Cultural Policy in Slovenia and Belgium. She continues to study cultural policies in southern Europe and how film art reflects socio-political problems in the region.

    Vehbie Balieva

    Vehbie Baliyeva has a PhD and is lecturing in Modern Bulgarian Language at the University of Veliko Tarnovo "St. St. Cyril and Methodii". She is a long-time teacher of bilingual children and has developed a model of the bilingual language personality. She has a background in psychology and philology and is bilingual in Bulgarian and Turkish. Dr. Baliyeva is a librarian-specialist at the Regional Library "P.R. Slaveykov" in Veliko Tarnovo and is the president of the newest community center in the city - "Svetlina-2021". She is also part of the Svetlina Educational Group in Sofia

    Mirela Petkova

    Mirela Petkova is a freelance researcher and journalist and fact-checker at Factcheck.bg. She is passionate about topics related to the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and China, debunking disinformation, and OSINT. Since autumn 2020, she has been working for the British media New Statesman, where she collects, analyzes and visualizes databases related to the energy transition and climate change. Her ambition is to help journalists with verified, reliable and timely information. Mirella has been a certified media literacy trainer since April 2022 and a member of MLC since August 2022.

    Dimitrina Papagalska

    Dimitrina Papagalska is a PhD in Economics. Since 2015, she has been giving lectures as a part-time lecturer at the University for National and World Economy on intellectual property, creative industries and television industries. From 2018 she has been an assistant, after successfully defending his dissertation on the topic "Intellectual Property Business in the Television Industry" ".
    Since 2021 Dr Papagalska has been part of the administrative team of the Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation, where she holds the position of "operational manager".
    She has over 7 years of experience in project management and administration, as well as in organizing and coordinating trainings and events.

    Raya Tsvetkova

    Raya Tsvetkoa represents the Future Now Association, which joined the Media Literacy Coalition in June 2022. Professionally, Raya has been focused on the fields of youth, education and innovation. As a researcher, youth worker and manager, she has participated in various initiatives and projects in these areas, from which she has gained experience in topics such as NGO efficiency, media literacy, gender equality, youth entrepreneurship, mentoring, various social issues. She graduated with honors from the program of CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, as well as the master's program of VUZF Business Analysis and ERP Solutions, in which she developed a thesis on "Challenges for the NGO sector in Bulgaria".

    Ph.D Lilia Lozanova

    Ph.D Lilia Lozanova is a lecturer at Shumen University "Bishop Konstantin Preslavski" and associate professor of media pedagogy since November 2017. Her scientific research is about media education and student's values. She has two published books for these topics - "Student's Values in the Media Society" (2016) and "Highlights in Media Education" (2017).

    Her scientific publications are related to media literacy, media education, mobile training and the study of student's values, etc. Associate professor Lozanova is a journalist with nearly 20 years of experience in regional, national and international media (Russell Media Bulgaria). She has won various journalistic awards and in the recent years has won prizes in in the national b2 journalism competition "Green Pen" .

    Angel Georgiev

    Angel Georgiev is founder and business OWL at Znam.be and founding board member of Education Without Backpacks. He has long experience as regional and national training manager for multinational consumer electronic companies and software educational organizations as well as in marketing and education in various programming languages and technologies. Mr Georgiev is responsible for the strategic development of the training initiatives inside and outside of Musala Soft and is information and software technologies teacher in Prof. Ivan Apostolov English School. Training and education are Angel's passion.

    Susan Ismetova

    Susan Ismetova is a senior expert in foreign language and mother tongue in the Regional Department of Education - Ruse. For 18 years she has been a foreign language teacher, participated in national and international school media projects and is a media literacy fellow in The Fulbright Program - the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government. She completed a six-week training program on new media and the media environment in the 21st century at Kent State University in Ohio, USA. During the training in a team with colleagues from other countries she has developed projects on topics of safe online environment for children and young people, information materials for teachers and resources for digital competencies in adolescents.

    Desislava Gavrilova

    Desislava Gavrilova is a co-founder of Knigovishte, co-founder and curator of the annual Vienna Humanities Festival, Vienna, Austria and the European Network of Debate Centers Time to Talk. In 2001 she founded and managed the Red House Center for Culture and Debate in Sofia. From 2005 to 2010 Desislava Gavrilova was also the director of the Center for Arts and Culture at the Central European University in Budapest. In 1997 she founded and until 2000 led the performing arts program at the Open Society Institute in Budapest.

    Jivka Adjelarova

    Jivka Adzhelarova is a student of Italian philology at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”. Her interests are in the field of translation, poetry, literary studies, analysis of contemporary social problems and ways to solve them. Jivka have been published in the national editions "Literary Journal" and "Literary World"; leads the columns "At the spring" and "Adzhelarov's column" in the newspaper "Apriltsi" of the Municipality of Bratsigovo. She has won an international poetry competition "Germinazioni", Italy, and her works are included in an exhibition at the Pavart Gallery, Rome, and in a special catalog of the event. She has published in the first issue of GartMagazine, Rome. Jivka is a translator at the Italian Literature Department in the library of the Aleko Konstantinov Chitalishte in Plovdiv, and is the head of the Civil Journalism Club. Member of the NGO "Pen and Pen".

    Prof. Yantsislav Yanakiev

    Yantsislav Yanakiev is Chairman of the Management Board of the Association "Regional and Global Development Research Center" (REGLO), Doctor of Sociology from the Institute of Sociology of BAS and Professor of Sociology at the Institute of Defense "Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ". He specialized at the NATO Defense College in Rome and at the University of Cologne. Since 2005 he has been a national representative in the panel "Human Factor and Medicine" of the Science and Technology Organization (STO) of NATO. For his work in this organization, Prof. Yanakiev is awarded with the most prestigious award given for outstanding achievements in the field of research in support of the Alliance and member countries (Individual Scientific Achievement Award for 2018). Prof. Yanakiev has published more than 200 monographs, articles and scientific reports in Bulgarian, Russian and English.


    Association of European journalists - Bulgaria


    We are here because we are necessary. We are a professional community of journalists, part of the Association of European Journalists, an independent observer of the Council of Europe. Our goal is to work to improve the media environment and the quality of journalism in Bulgaria and to support journalists who are prevented from doing (freely) their work. The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria (AEG-Bulgaria) is a non-profit association registered for public benefit. The organization was established in 2010.

    The Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre

    02973 3000

    The Bulgarian Center for Safe Internet has been operating for 12 years with the partial financial support of the European programs "Safe Internet" and since 2014 - "Better Internet for Children". It is coordinated by the NGO Applied Research and Communications Foundation in partnership with the Parents Association and the DeConу Advertising Agency.


    +359 883 34 85 58

    The team of the educational portal "Uchilishta.bg" gathers people with different experience, outlook and vision. We are teachers, students, parents and all who have and want to share. We build on our own experience and strive to combine in a working tradition and successful innovation. Join us, share your good news or practice, to stand together for our common goal: "To have a school and a kindergarten with a real foundation that everyone could build and develop according to their opinion and outlook."

    Teen Station

    An independent media that brings together students from all over the country. Teen Station's various podcasts reach hundreds of regular listeners on popular platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and the teenstation.net website generates several thousand unique hits per month. The network of schools and students joining the media team is constantly growing. In addition to Sofia, Teen Station has active authors in Plovdiv, Ruse, Blagoevgrad, Smolyan.

    Knigovishte & Vijte


    "Knigovishte.bg" is an online platform that fosters the reading habits in the youngest audience and promotes reading as an activity that brings children satisfaction, joy and pride. Part of the platform is the first of its kind publication that offers children articles on important issues of the world of adults in a language accessible to them - "Vijte" (Look in English). "Knigovishte and Vijte are projects of the Gutenberg 3.0 Foundation, whose mission is to develop functional, media and civic literacy in Bulgarian children from a very young age.

    ELA Association for Shared Learning

    +359 2870 20 63

    We believe that every child must be involved and valued. Association for Shared Learning ELA is an organization that has been supporting child development for over 20 years now. Our efforts are now focused on supporting children and young people in the process of learning and going their own way. We also work together with schools, parents and teachers who consciously support children to build their social and emotional skills.

    Red House Center for Culture and Debate

    0885 828 532

    Since its opening in 2004, the Center for Culture and Debate "The Red House" Andrey Nikolov has established itself as the home of independent artists in Bulgaria and a place where the most important and relevant social, political and cultural issues are discussed freely.
    The Center is the first space for public debate and the first independent space for art, culture, social practices and psychodrama in Bulgaria.

    Center for Creative Training

    0882 506 425

    We are experts in the field of educational technology, teacher training and are the only representative of Space Camp Turkey in Bulgaria. We are constantly seeking and sharing worldwide experience to support the quality change in Bulgarian education.

    Parents Association

    02 944 17 99

    Our mission is: To encourage parents to be the best parents they can be, and support their children to become the best adults they can become.
    Our main goals are: To develop and promote the idea of parenthood as a fundamental spiritual value in society and the family as a natural environment for the upbringing of children.


    We at Znam.be believe that education should be maximally accessible to all in Bulgaria. All we do is for the sole purpose of raising the general literacy of the population. Children are our biggest capital, so we are focused on them. Our mission is to provide up-to-date learning approaches and tools tailored to the interests of young people. We do it with electronic and physical products that we distribute to every child in Bulgaria

    Media Democracy Foundation

    The Media Democracy Foundation was founded in 2007. Its main objective is to promote the democratic functioning of the media environment in Bulgaria.
    The mission of the Foundation is based on the conviction that transparency and providing a critical perspective on the phenomena in the media are fundamental prerequisites for the development of democratic publicity.

    Association for Career Development and Training

    We set ourselves the high goal of expanding young people's prospects for a successful career.
    Our programs develop communication skills, leadership, teamwork, initiative, entrepreneurship and other social skills and competences. We define media literacy as a key skill in the 21st century.
    We work with all formal educational institutions to add value to the educational process.

    Sofia Development Association

    The Sofia Development Association is a resource center for research, analysis, innovation and experimentation that creates the conditions and fosters ongoing dialogue between civil society, business, the metropolitan municipality and academic institutions. The Sofia Development Association team believes that in today's digital age, media literacy is a key competency for civic and political participation and is linked to other competencies that promote both knowledge and values that are in line with EU fundamental principles.


    Puklyovtsite are digital educational games of a new generation and a methodology to them that help the teachers develop teamwork skills in their students and unite their class.

    The Future Now Association

    The Future Now Association (TFN) is a Bulgarian youth NGO that works on initiatives, activities, and projects for and with youth for their empowerment, finding and creating opportunities for young people, forstering innovation, and transfer of knowledge.


    Civil Action Network

    +359 88 88 16 830

    BlueLink is an established non-profit organization with the aim of developing the capacity of progressive civil society and supporting democracy, environmentally sustainable development and the implementation of the values of a united Europe. BlueLink accomplishes its goal by promoting the strategic use of the internet, public journalism, research and advocacy for the policies that shape them.

    Zaedno v chas/Teach For Bulgaria

    +359 02 988 06 88

    is for every child to have access to quality education – regardless of where they live, which school they go to, and what the financial ability of their parents is.

    is to recruit, train, and develop capable and motivated professionals who are committed to work long-term towards positive change in education in Bulgaria.

    National Network for Children

    02 988 82 07

    The National Network for Children advocates for the rights and well-being of children by bringing together and developing a broad, socially relevant network of organizations and supporters.

  • Development of policies for children and families;
  • Changing public attitudes towards the rights of the child;
  • Development of a model for participation of children;
  • Development of a National Network for Children;
  • Increasing its capacity;
  • Promoting the public image of the National Network for Children.
  • Ucha v Plovdiv/I study in Plovdiv


    We are experts in the field of educational technology, teacher training and are the only representative of Space Camp Turkey in Bulgaria. We are constantly seeking and sharing worldwide experience to support the quality change in Bulgarian education.


    0892 208 167

    Envision is a software system designed to facilitate teachers in their work and aims to address the two main problems in primary education, namely the lack of resources that can be allocated to classroom equipment and the lack of interest in science in children.
    To achieve this, the system is designed to ensure the active participation of each student in the learning process through the efficient use of resources. The product is divided into three main parts - presentation, administrative and public portal.

    THE STORKS Association for Culture and Involvement

    +359 877 85 77 33

    THE STORKS social project is related to the full socialization and improvement of the quality of life of children with special educational needs through interactive education, stimulation and expression of their creative potential. All its activities are focused on creating an effective model for social and cultural interaction based on the concept of "helping children with children".


    +359 2 405 30 34

    The Digital Children Foundation is a non-profit legal entity registered in accordance with Bulgarian and international law, as well as in cooperation with Bulgarian, foreign and international organizations and institutions pursuing related goals and professing related values.

    Applied Research and Communications Foundation

    +359 2 973 3000

    Applied Research and Communications Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Sofia in 1991 with the aim of:
  • supporting international and interregional cooperation and enhancing the capacity of non-governmental organizations and public-private agencies, building on the opportunities offered by new media and information technologies;
  • contributing to the development of a knowledge-based society in Southeast European countries;
  • promoting competitiveness and economic growth in the region by promoting innovative solutions and facilitating the transfer of new technologies and know-how.