Media Literacy Days 2021

For the fourth year in a row, the Media Literacy Coalition is organizing the Media Literacy Days campaign. Through a series of events and initiatives, MLC puts on the agenda the importance and need for the development of media literacy of citizens of all ages. The fruitful efforts in this field of the members and partners of the Coalition become available to the general public through the dissemination of the resources created by them and publicity for the projects they work on.

„2021 Media Literacy Days“ covers online trainings and courses for mentors, teachers and students, as well as for the elderly in smaller towns and villages; a series of video lessons that will premiere in the largest educational site Ucha.se; videos and webinar on ethical coverage of children in the media, webinars for parents; animation courses for online safety; disinformation and fact-checking initiatives; presentation of the educational video game Space Patrol, etc.

About the Coalition:

The Media Literacy Coalition brings together organizations, researchers, academia, journalists and trainers working in the field of education, media and civil society. Meet the MLC members in About us section.

The coalition works for the integration of media literacy in the educational process and increase media literacy and digital competence in society. At the end of 2020, the Coalition developed, tested and presented the first for Bulgaria methodology for assessing the digital media skills of high school students, and at the beginning of 2021 the development of the project „Media Literacy through Distance Learning“ began.

Contact person: Kristina Hristova: 0899 81 7659; info@old.gramoten.li

You can also be a part of 2021 Media Literacy Days in the following ways:


1. Packages for schools and teachers „Digital Stars“

Schools that want to become part of the campaign can do so by using some of the ready-made programs we have prepared, or by creating their own.

To become a Digital Star, send us information about events or lessons held at your school.

Choose a ready-made program for celebrating the Days – from developed lessons to projection and discussion of free-to-use videos:

2. Organize your own event, which we will include in the Calendar of Media Literacy Days and promote on an equal footing with the other initiatives in the campaign.

3. Support the days by becoming an information partner

Learn more about the past and present MLC projects here.

The campaign is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and Science, the US Embassy's Small Grants Program, the America for Bulgaria Foundation, and UNICEF Bulgaria.
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