Online Media Literacy Program for Adults and Mentors of Local Communities
Media literacy training in Targovishte brought together library and community center staff in RL “Petar Stupov”

Media Literacy Day 2022

For the fifth year in a row, the Media Literacy Coalition has organized the Media Literacy Days campaign. The aim of the campaign is to promote the importance of media literacy to our society, but in 2022 it mainly focuses on the role of teachers and formal and informal education and lifelong learning.

As before, Media Literacy Days starts on International Safer Internet Day, the 2022 edition of which takes place on February 8. The campaign will last until the end of June and covers online training and courses for mentors, teachers and students, as well as for elderly people in small settlements; competition for teachers; webinars for parents; disinformation and fact-checking initiatives; presentation of new educational content, as well as the results of the first national testing of students' digital media literacy skills.


About the Coalition:

The Media Literacy Coalition brings together organizations, researchers, journalists and trainers working in the fields of education, media and civil society. Meet KMG members at
You can learn more about MLC's completed and ongoing projects here

The campaign is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Small Grants Program of the US Embassy in Bulgaria, UNICEF Bulgaria, the Lachezar Tsotzorkov Foundation, the Europe Program of Sofia Municipality.
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