Call for applications: training for trainers in media literacy for older people

The competition is part of the Media Literacy Online – Lifelong Learning program of the Media Literacy Coalition*.
The Media Literacy for Seniors program is now accepting applications for new trainers. Participants who successfully complete the training will be able to lead online media literacy trainings for older adults as part of the Media Literacy Coalition team.

Future trainers will be selected through a competitive process. They are required to have an interest and knowledge in digital media literacy. The program is mainly aimed at professional journalists, but experts who are familiar with today’s online challenges can also participate.

The competition for the preparation of new trainers takes into account and evaluates two leading factors: motivation and professional CV. Participants selected in the first stage will be invited for an interview.

20 candidates will be selected to participate in the program. At the end of the training they will prepare their version of a training program and the program team will select 5 new trainers to the Media Literacy Coalition based on the submitted programs.

The training includes the following adult skills:

Understand what type of media content they consume and the impact it has on them;
can list the key elements of credible and reliable news/information;
can identify misinformation;
understand the risks associated with the personal information they leave behind;
know how to recognize and protect themselves from online scams;
can recognize the main characteristics of fake profiles and their behavior;
can adhere to basic rules when creating media content.
Structure of the training: four modules, including assignments for self-study. The duration of the training is 8 astronomical hours over 2 weeks on the following dates: 18 (Fri), 21 (Mon), 23 (Wed) and 25 (Fri) March.

At the end of the training, each participant will present their version of a media literacy training program for older adults.

All participants will receive certificates as trainers in media literacy for older people, but only five will be invited to become trainers with the Media Literacy Coalition.

Selected trainers will go through a follow-up observation of live training and deliver their own live training. They will be paid for observing and delivering the training and will also have their transportation and accommodation costs covered.

Training venue: online

Registration: those wishing to apply for the training need to register by filling in this form by 28.02.2022.

The initiative is part of the Media Literacy Days 2022 campaign.

*Media Literacy Online – Lifelong Learning is implemented by the Media Literacy Coalition with the financial support of the Lachezar Tsotzorkov Foundation.

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