Adult Academy: online media literacy program

The program will last 4 months from February to May 2022. The trainings included in the program take place in the territory of Sofia Municipality.

About the program:

The program is aimed at so-called “newcomers” to social networks, older people who already have access to the Internet via smartphones but have not yet developed the skills to use the new communication channels on the Internet safely and fully.

Older people who are new to social networking do not have a developed understanding of the abuse of these new channels. At the same time, they are active people who are willing to engage in public debates but are often left out of the focus of national inclusion policies. Older people, especially during the pandemic, were exposed to serious social isolation, which online communication can largely compensate for. This is why they need to feel safe and confident to participate in the social life of the community online as well.

The program is tailored to the target group, developing basic skills through practical activities and discussions without making it unnecessarily difficult for older people. It lasts 3 hours and covers the following topics:

  • How to distinguish credible from non-credible sources of information;
  • How to recognize fake social media profiles;
  • How to protect yourself from online scams;
  • What are the risks associated with our personal data online.

About the trainers:

Mirolyuba Benatova
For over 20 years, her mission as a journalist has been to tell exciting stories, uncover important details, present interesting personalities, ask questions, deal with conflict and advocate for positions.

She has won dozens of awards, some of them international. The more important of these are the Chernorizets Hrabar Grand Prize for Investigative Journalism, the Valya Krushkina Grand Prize – Journalism for the People and the St. Vlas Grand Prize for Journalism, the monetary equivalent of which he does not accept for ethical reasons.

She has worked at “168 hours”, BTV and Nova TV. She is a lecturer in documentary film at the NBU, a taxi driver and a motivational speaker in the corporate world. She writes for the magazines “Biograph”, “L’EUROPEO”, “Manager”, “EGOIST”. Speaker in three editions of TEDx in Bulgaria, part of the rankings for the 100 most influential women in the country, and among the TOP 50 most influential Bulgarians on Facebook.

Angel Georgiev
Angel Georgiev has many years of experience as a technical trainer and product presenter. He has conducted trainings in Europe, USA and Middle East. Since 2014 he has been part of software engineering education in our country. At the time of joining the Media Literacy Coalition in 2020, he is responsible for the internal training and development program at Musala Soft. Since spring 2021 he has been part of the SoftUni team where he leads the strategic development of the professional programs – Software University, SoftUni Digital and SoftUni Creative. In addition to all this, Angel is a school teacher of programming and IT and is the founder of Znam.be.

This program is implemented with the financial support of the “Europe 2021 Program” of the Sofia Municipality. The opinions expressed in this publication and during the training sessions do not represent the official opinion of Sofia Municipality.

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