The Media Literacy Coalition organizes teacher training for new media literacy classes
Training for students and journalists “How do we recognize fake information?”

Media Literacy Days 2019

Media Literacy Days is a campaign that promotes the need to introduce media literacy into education. Media Literacy Days are organized by The Media Literacy Coalition, started for the first time in 2018. In 2019, the main focus of The Days is the ability to recognize fake news. As in the previous year, however, the campaign will continue to support the introduction of media literacy in education programs. The aim is to ensure the safety of children as well as the development of their critical thinking and creative talents in the digital media world.

Media Literacy Days 2019 will popularize various projects of members of the coalition and will add teenage training for recognizing fake news. Within the Days, young people will be empowered with knowledge and expression to create videos and campaigns against fake news.


About the Coalition:

The Coalition for the Development of Media Literacy in Education brings together organizations working in the fields of education, media and civil society:

The Red House Center for Culture and Debate, The Association of European Journalists in Bulgaria, The Center for Inclusive Education, Teach for Bulgaria,, National Network for Children, National Safe Internet Center in the face of the Applied Research and Communications Foundation and Parents Association, Bulgaria 2030 Education, BlueLink Foundation, DigitalKidz, Public Council of the 5th Mithio Stanev Primary School - Stara Zagora.

The Coalition has been working to develop digital literacy in Bulgarian schools starting with 1st graders. The aim is to ensure the safety of the children as well as the development of their critical thinking and creative talents in the digital media world.


Get involved! You can become part of Media Literacy Days. Here are the different ways you can join:

  • 1. Packages for schools and teachers "Digital stars"

  • All the schools that want to become part of Media Literacy Days and be included in the "Digital Stars" section can do so by using some of the finished programs we have prepared or creating their own.

    To become part of the Digital Stars, send us information about the events or lessons held in your school, photos and tell us how it went.

  • 2. Make your own event, which will be included in the Calendar of Media Literacy Days and will be popularized throughout the campaign. Learn how: a link to terms.

  • 3. Support the Days as an Information Partner. Learn how: Link to terms and conditions;

  • 4. Become a Sponsor of Media Literacy Days by financially sponsoring a teenage video contest on "Do not fake with me". The competition aims to develop the critical thinking of young people by telling them how they recognize false information through their way of communicating and experiencing the Internet. More about conditions here.



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