Media Literacy Days 2020: A Seminar for Teachers on Misinformation

What are the means and methods for exposing misinformation and how can they be used in everyday life to identify credible information and quality journalism? How can differences be found between propaganda, misinformation, satire? These were the knowledge and skills that representatives of the Association of European Journalists brought to about 30 teachers at the seminar \“Misinformation: How not to give in to fake news and expose them at school\“. The event took place on March 5 at the House of Europe in the capital, organized by the European Parliament\’s Office in Bulgaria and the AEJ, and is part of the Media Literacy Days 2020 campaign.

The journalists Ivan Radev and Martin Dimitrov lead the participants through a theoretical, practical and debate part and introduced the teachers to the media literacy training aids. Various classroom exercises and techniques for applying knowledge from this field in different disciplines were presented.


The seminar was the second of its kind within the Media Literacy Days 2020, organized by the EP Office in Bulgaria and the AEJ, after the training on “My Causes in Social Networking. Video Creation\“, held in February. The initiative aims to promote awareness of Europe and European parliamentary democracy, as well as to provide practical means of combating misinformation among young citizens and their teachers. On 21 February, European Parliament\’s junior and senior ambassadors learned how to promote social media campaigns, how to spot fake news and how to create quality video products. Both seminars sparked a lot of interest and activity by the participants in them.

Photos: Office of the European Parliament in Bulgaria

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