Competition \“My Right to Have an Opinion! My Causes on Social Networking\“- the Winners

The contest \“My opinion! My Causes in Social Networking”, featured in the Media Literacy Days 2020 program, brought forth 15 finalists. They continue in the last phase of the joint initiative of UNICEF, AEJ-Bulgaria, Teen Station, VIVACOM and Resonator. The finalists will participate in a youth hackathon “Digital Solutions for Media Literacy: My Right to Have an Opinion”, which will take place* at the latest innovation Space in Sofia: Resonator (Resonator co-innovation hub).

In the first stage of the competition, young people between the ages of 14 and 18 presented their cause or hobby through media content – video, audio podcast, article, photo gallery, Instagram story. There were several criteria that the materials had to meet: adherence to the basic principles of media content creation according to the handbook “My opinion! Creating Content for Social Networking”, certain potential to attract followers in case the participants present a socially significant cause, or acquiring the potential to attract interest if they present a personal hobby.

Students from all over the country took part in the competition and all the proposals were highly appreciated by the jury as they showed a lot of knowledge and skills. However, the jury had to select only 10 winners. Due to the large number of high-quality materials, the organizers decided to admit 15 winners from the initial screening. They were selected by a jury of representatives of UNICEF, AEJ-Bulgaria, VIVACOM and Teen Station.

During the two-day hackathon, the young people will work with distinguished professionals in the fields of video production, podcasts, online games, digital marketing, innovative presentations. As a result, they will develop their ideas in a professional and attractive way to spread the digital-media literacy knowledge to more students across Bulgaria.

The mentors will prepare brief information packs, which will be sent to the finalists for their preparation, and will then hold an online meeting to coordinate approaches and teamwork. During the hackathon, the mentors will also be there for the students and will work with them, giving them advice and valuable guidance on conceptual designs. In this way, the finalists will create together their digital-media product that will receive support for their realization.

In addition to developing new skills, enriching experiences with top mentors and the chance to be part of a positive change for the benefit of all young people in the country, participants in the hackathon will also receive a gift – a VIVACOM wireless headset.

The finalists in the order of scores are the following: Beishan, 16 years from the town of Isperih; Anna-Maria, 16, from Rousse; Vladimir, 17, from Sofia; Kristina, 14, from Sofia; Michel, 16, from Lovech; Petar, 17, from Montana; Kristian, 15, from Rousse; Emil, 17, from Rousse; Yoanna, 16, from Sofia; Angel, 16, from Varna; Dimitrina, 17, from Plovdiv; Desislava, 17, from Stara Zagora; Galena, 17, from Plovdiv; Vasilena, 15, from Karnobat; Dara, 16, from Dupnitsa.

* The hackathon was supposed to take place in April, but due to the declared state of emergency, it will be postponed until the situation returns to normal. All participants and their parents will be notified in a timely manner to ensure the safety, quality and fruitfulness of the event in the best interests of young people.

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