The first media literacy games in Bulgarian are here and free to play

The first games on topic media literacy in Bulgarian for students in primary school are accessible for free on the educational platform Envision*. Media Literacy Coalition developed the games in partnership with Uchilishta.bg and the support of the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria. They are part of the Media literacy Days 2020 campaign.

The games are structured after the interactive lesson-test model that allows students to learn while having fun. They are tailored to the cognitive development, interests and curriculum of children aged 7 to 10. Every lesson builds understanding in children for the different kind of media (traditional and new), media content, ways and ethical norms of communication, responsible conduct online. Introduced are terms and situations that children need to understand and recognize for them to be able to navigate in the media environment cleverly and safe. The lessons are accompanied with ideas, explainers and guidances for teachers to be able to prepare to carry them out and continue work with students on the given subjects. The manuals (in Bulgarian) can be found in the Resources section (Lessons and presentations) in Gramoten.li and downloaded for free.

Envision is a browser-based platform for active learning for every student not only in the classroom but from a distance. Envision has started ten years ago and recently was updated with brand new vision and functionality. During the state of emergency in Bulgaria, the distance learning module is free to use.

Media Literacy Days is a campaign that promotes the need to introduce media literacy in education. Media Literacy Days are organized annually by the Media Literacy Coalition, starting for the first time in 2018. In 2020, the main focus of the Days is the ability of children to create safe content on social media and the support of teachers for teaching media literacy at school. This year the initiative is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Culture, UNICEF Bulgaria, U.S. Embassy Sofia and the European parliament office in Bulgaria.

We want to invite teachers that tried and used the games for feedback. Please e-mail us at info@gramoten.li .

*  Codes for entering the games in Envision Play:
1st grade: 1021 | 2nd grade: 2021 | 3rd grade: 3021 | 4th grade: 4021

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