Safe distance learning in an online environment – guidelines for teachers and parents

What are the most appropriate web services and mobile applications for distance learning and why should social networks not be the first choice of teachers, especially when students are under the age of 14?

In relation to conducting distance learning, the National Center for Safe Internet has developed guidelines for teachers and parents. Some of the most important security aspects of using various hubs with tools such as Google Classroom and Microsoft Team, communication services such as Skype and social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube are discussed in detail.

The guides (in Bulgarian) can be downloaded from the Resources section of the Media Literacy Coalition website (Lessons and Presentations and For Parents).

For any questions and problems online students, teachers and parents can contact the Advisory Line of the National Center for Safe Internet on 124 123 or through the free chat module.

To raise students\’ and parents\’ awareness of the risks online, you can also use the 30-minute video \“Class hour: Internet Dangers\“ – a compilation of short animated videos focused on different risks. Most of the videos are targeted at children, but there are also those aimed specifically at parents.

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