AEJ-Bulgaria has published the first handbook for fact-checking adapted for Bulgaria

The first digital handbook for fact-checking adapted for Bulgarian databases is now a fact. Guide to examine the facts in the digital environment was created to support the investigative journalists in their work but is a helpful resource for all members of civil society for whom the expose of false news and disinformation is cause and necessity. 

Take your digital copy of the handbook from here

The handbook includes the fundamental fact-checking skills. It is interactive and convenient for use in busy workdays. You will learn how to work with the commercial and property register, how to track site ownership, the origin of photo and video, how to use geolocation to check photos. Several cases that illustrate the \“trolls\“ strategy in a disinformation campaign are examined.

In the creation of the handbook were involved the following investigative journalists and media analysts:

Rosen Bosev (\“Capital\“) who has specialized in investigative journalism in the US and media ethics in Centre de formation et de perfectionnement des journalistes, Paris. He has participated in international investigations, and since 2019 has been a member of the international team of the Berlin-based journalism project Correctiv. 

Petar Galev – a media analyst at Perspetika with many years of experience in the study of social and news media. 

Maria Cheresheva – a member of the Management Board and one of the founders of the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria (AEJ). As a freelance journalist, she has worked in numerous international publications, and in international legal cross-border investigations such as Balkan Arms Trade, a series awarded the prestigious Global Shine Award by the World Investigative Journalism Network, The Migrant Files, etc.

Georgi Auad – an expert in analysis and measurement and reputation assessment with seven years of professional experience in managing teams and projects for some of the biggest names in the industry such as Precise, Kantar Media and Synthesio. He is one of the few certified experts from AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) in Bulgaria.

The handbook is part of The fact-checking community: building the base project, which the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria (AEJ-Bulgaria) is implementing with the support of the US Embassy\’s Small Grants Program. Within the framework of this project, three trainings for journalists and civil activists are being held. The long-term goal of AEJ-Bulgaria is to create an effective and diverse community of the so-called \“fact-checkers\“ to counter misinformation and fake news in the country.

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