‎How to respond to online harassment? See in the new video of Ucha.se and Media Literacy Coalition

‎The video was prepared by Ucha.se and Media Literacy Coalition for High School Students‎

‎What is online harassment? How and where can a child fall victim to cyberbullying and what are the steps they should take if they have already encountered such a serious and widespread problem? And just as importantly, what are the ways of protecting you so that the possibility of someone offending your personality and dignity is limited? The answers to these questions, supported by examples from everyday life and valuable advice to children who are increasingly starting to actively use the internet and social networks on their own, can be found in the new video of Ucha.se and Media Literacy Coalition.‎

‎This video lesson was created by Ucha.se in cooperation with Media Literacy Coalition as part of the Media Literacy Days 2021 campaign that is implemented with the financial support of the American Embassy in Bulgaria (The Bulgaria Small Grants Program). The video is part of the Learn 21st Century Skills section at Ucha.se.‎

‎The video is suitable for a media literacy class or civic education class. The Media Literacy Coalition recommends that it be viewed in the family and discussed in an informal environment.‎

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