Factcheck.bg – the only Bulgarian fact-checking platform is now live

Factcheck.bg is committed to verifying the facts that are the basis of news in the media, statements and publications on social networks.

Factcheck.bg is a new independent platform for fact-checking, developed on the initiative of the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria. The editors of the site choose the claims to check, according to the relevance and public importance of each of the topics or their source. Factcheck.bg is guided by the first and basic rule in journalism – checking the facts, tracking the information, what is the source and what are its motives.

Look more: Code of Ethics of the Bulgarian media

Members of the team of Factcheck.bg are of Dr. Ralitsa Kovacheva, Georgi Marchev, Mina Kirkova, Bozhidar Angelov, Nikola Tulechki, Maria Cheresheva and Kristina Hristova – Chairman of the Media Literacy Coalition and project manager of the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria. All team members have undergone several levels of training.


Factcheck.bg also checks statements sent by readers, in case there is a factual basis to be checked; in case of impossibility to make a proper check, the senders of the request shall be notified with a reasoned answer. If you think that certain information needs to be checked, you can report it to editors@factcheck.bg.
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