Kristina Hristova, Chair of MLC, on disinformation, fact-checking and the work of Factcheck.bg

In an interview with the magazine “Third Age”, Kristina Hristova explains how Factcheck Bulgaria monitors the spread of misinformation online and how it identifies and selects those publications to be fact-checked by its team. Kristina Hristova is a project manager at Factcheck Bulgaria, a member and co-founder of the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria and chair of the Media Literacy Coalition.

In the interview, questions such as: how the team of Factcheck.bg chooses which publications to check and what sources to use; how lies related to the war in Ukraine are checked; through what channels the facts checked by the project reach more readers; how through media literacy trainings older people develop their critical thinking and their own skills to check the sources and credibility of the information they come across online, while protecting themselves from misinformation and fraud.

Read the full conversation here.

And in the News and Training sections of the Coalition’s official website, you’ll find the dates of all the trainings for seniors organized and conducted by CMG that are mentioned in the post, as well as trainings for all the organization’s other programs.

Cover image: screenshot of Factcheck.bg homepage

[translated automatically from the original in Bulgarian]

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