Film education initiatives in focus in the eighth edition of the festival “Encounters of Young European Cinema”

The eighth edition of the festival “Encounters of Young European Cinema” will take place in Sofia between June 20 and 29

The organizers of the festival have prepared screenings of films rarely shown or completely unknown to the Bulgarian audience, suitable for different age groups, for children and young people 3 to 19 years, as well as for their teachers and parents. Special attention has been paid to the youngest audience in the cinema hall today, because the organizers of the “Encounters of Young European Cinema” believe in the place of cinema as an art, not only in school, but also outside it. It is an occasion to encourage the creative self-expression of young viewers, as well as an opportunity to enrich their general culture, to broaden their horizons, for their spiritual emancipation.

The program of the event includes a film concert, practical workshops and lectures, which will take place at the French Institute, the Czech Centre and the Goethe-Institut in the capital.

Again this year, the focus is on film education initiatives, which the festival organizers work on all year round. As part of the campaign, a European conference will be held on 28 June with guests from 14 countries taking part in a discussion about the place of cinema in schools, arts education practices in Europe and their future.

All screenings and events are free to attend, and the program will show you the relevant age groups for which the films and additional events are suitable.

All films are subtitled in Bulgarian and will be accompanied by discussions.

Email arteurbanacollectif@gmail.com to register for all hands-on workshops.

For school groups, contact Arte Urbana Collectif at the email address above or by phone.

Title image: Meetings of Young European Cinema

[translated automatically from the original in Bulgarian]

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