Media literacy training in Veliko Tarnovo with journalist Pavla Stefanova

A group of 17 citizens of Veliko Tarnovo, aged between 65 and 91, met with journalist and trainer at the Media Literacy Coalition Pavla Stefanova for media literacy training in the old capital. Participants in the training were particularly active in the discussion about propaganda.

As a generation whose active part of life was spent in communism and socialism, they gave interesting examples not only of slogans, but also of how social life and relationships between people are shaped and regulated under the influence of propaganda. They also raised the issue of the right to vote and express oneself – recognising the difference that although even now we are inundated with propaganda, “at least you won’t disappear if you express a different opinion or contradict the established order”. From the discussion on misleading and false information and online scams, it became clear that people have repeatedly come across misleading content and social media profiles that they suspected were fake.

The “Media Literacy Online for Seniors” training is part of the “Media Literacy Online – Lifelong Learning” program of the Media Literacy Coalition and the Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation. “The programme is aimed at so-called “newcomers” to social networks, older people who already have access to the Internet via a smartphone or computer, but have not yet developed the skills to use the new communication channels safely and fully.

See the dates of the next trainings in the Events section of the Training section of Gramoten.li.

Photos: Marieta Gecheva, Lachezar Tsotsorkov Foundation

[translated automatically from the original in Bulgarian]

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