The program „Media Literacy Online – Lifelong Learning“ ended with trainings in Silistra, Dobrich and Balchik

The „Media Literacy Online – Lifelong Learning“ program, implemented by the Media Literacy Coalition, ended with trainings in Silistra, Dobrich and Balchik.

Partnerships were established with a number of local community centres and regional libraries that hosted the events.

The last three trainings were attended by nearly 60 participants, the majority of whom were active people aged 55+. With trainings in Silistra, Dobrich and Balchik ended the program „Media Literacy Online – Lifelong Learning“, which is implemented by the Coalition for Media Literacy is aimed at the so-called „newcomers“ in social networks elderly people who already have access to the Internet through smartphones, but have not yet developed skills for safe and full use of new communication channels on the Internet.

The program lasts 3 hours and covers the following topics:

  • How to distinguish credible from non-credible sources of information;
  • How to recognize fake social network profiles;
  • How to protect yourself from online scams;
  • What are the risks associated with our personal data online.

Journalist and trainer at the Media Literacy Coalition Miroluba Benatova with the participants in the latest trainings of the Media Literacy Online – Lifelong Learning Program

The last three trainings were held in partnership with the Regional Library „Dora Gabe“ – Sofia. Dobrich, the Regional Library „Partheniy Pavlovich“, Dobrich. Silistra and the Community Centre „Paisii Hilendarski“ – town. Balchik.

The trainings are led by investigative journalist Mirolyuba Benatova. She has won dozens of awards, some of them international. The more important of these are the Chernorizets Hrabar Grand Prize for Investigative Journalism, the Valya Krushkina Grand Prize – Journalism for the People and the St. Vlas Grand Prize for Journalism, the monetary equivalent of which she does not accept for ethical reasons.

She has worked at „168 hours“, BTV and Nova TV. She is a lecturer in documentary film at the NBU, a taxi driver and a motivational speaker in the corporate world.

She writes for the magazines „Biograph“, „L’EUROPEO“, „Manager“, „EGOIST“. Speaker at three editions of TEDx in Bulgaria, part of the rankings of the 100 most influential women in the country, as well as the TOP 50 most influential Bulgarians on Facebook.

With the last three trainings the annual campaign of the Media Literacy Coalition „Media Literacy Days 2022“ and in partnership with the financial support of the Small Grants Program at the American Embassy, the Lachezar Tsotzorkov Foundation, the Europe Program of Sofia Municipality, the Active Citizens Fund and in partnership with the Ministry of Education , the Ministry of Culture, the Global Libraries Foundation and the newspaper Third Age.

Images: Media Literacy Coalition

[translated automatically from the original in Bulgarian]

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