A conversation with Kristina Hristova from the Media Literacy Coalition about the importance of understanding where, what and how to read

A good education is the foundation of a healthy civil society. When I say good, I don’t mean an education that prepares children to excel at worldwide science olympiads, but an education that prepares them for real life – how to understand the information that surrounds us, how to analyze it, how to take a stance and defend it using arguments, learning the mechanisms of democracy, how to cooperate with others in order to achieve shared goals. That is, not an education that forces children to memorize paper textbooks, but one that recognizes the fact that our children are surrounded by sources of information from all sides and it is more important to teach them how to orient themselves in it and how to use it. Otherwise, misinformation will take them in a direction that is dangerous for our society.

Kristina Hristova, chairman of the Media Literacy Coalition, in a conversation with Maya Stefanova for Vij Magazine!

In it, Kristina talks about the background and context of the creation of the Media Literacy Coalition, the need for qualitative changes in teaching in all stages of the formal education, the vulnerability of elderly to propaganda and falling into the traps of all kinds of deception and fraud online, which is why media literacy learning is no less necessary to them than to children. 

You can read the entire interview in English language here 

Featured image: Kristina Hristova at the National Conference “Media Literacy Against Disinformation” 2021 Photographer: ©Anton Vasilev

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