Media literacy training for students in National High School of polygraphy and photography

On February 7, a media literacy training for students was organized at the National High School of Polygraphy and Photography in Sofia, organized by the Teen Station under the project of UNICEF and AEJ-Bulgaria “Academy for Teens: My Right to Have an Opinion!” Both journalists and teenagers from the Teen Station team, who have already undergone training for trainers, worked with the children.

Within the \“Teen Academy: My Opinion!\“ trainings have already been held at the “Acad. Ludmil Stoyanov ” Language High School, Blagoevgrad, and “Ivan Vazov” Language High School, Plovdiv. Training is forthcoming at the “Romain Rolland” Foreign Language High School in Stara Zagora.

\“Teens Academy: My Opinion!\“ also stands behind the one-of-a-kind Content Creation Guide for Social Networking, created by UNICEF and the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria. This online guide provides brief and comprehensible guidance on how to participate ethically and responsibly through various media formats on social networks.

Training at the National High School of Polygraphy and Photography – Sofia is part of the Media Literacy Days 2020 of the Media Literacy Coalition.

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