Fighting Disinformation with positive narratives

The Media Literacy Coalition and the Romanian organization Funky Citizens, together with HiveMind and Techsoup Europe (Poland), are organizing a four-day training designed exclusively for representatives of non-governmental organizations operating in Romania and Bulgaria. The four sessions will take place online on two Mondays and two Fridays – on 15, 19, 22 and 26 February from 16:00, each lasting 90 minutes. For successful completion of the training it is necessary to participate in all the four sessions. The working language is English.
The training \“Fighting Disinformation with positive narratives\“ is part of the program of \“Media Literacy Days 2021\“. Registration is mandatory and is open to those wishing to participate in the training until February 12. You will be notified by email whether or not you were selected by February 13.
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After completing the training you will learn how to build information or advocacy campaigns based on positive narratives. In a friendly and secure environment, activists and people with different backgrounds in civil society initiatives will be able to share ideas, experiences and good practices in building trust and sustainability in society through messages that acts as immunization or prevention against misinformation, not just being reactive when fighting misinformation.
About the trainer:
Elena Calistru is the chair and founder of Funky Citizens, a Romanian-based NGO. Funky Citizens builds research-based, data-driven advocacy tools. Funky Citizens’ tools aim to be educational and actionable, encouraging citizens to engage in accountability and government responsibility initiatives in which they can see an impact.
Elena has more than 10 years of experience in civil society projects, both at national and international level. Her expertise is mainly in the area of good governance, transparency, public finance and advocacy. She is the founder of the first (and so far the only fully dedicated) fact-checking platform in Romania – www.factual.ro.

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