Media literacy webinar for older people – invitation to participate

When: February 23, 2021 from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Where: online
How: Those wishing to participate must register by filling out this form by February 20, 2021. Places are limited, don\’t wait to save yours.

At the end of the training, participants will acquire the following skills:

  • recognition of the main elements of reliable and trustworthy news / information;
  • identification of misinformation and false news;
  • online fraud detection;
  • recognition of the main characteristics of the false profiles and their behavior;
  • adherence to basic rules for creating media content understanding the risks associated with providing personal information online. The
  • training is a TechSoup Europe initiative in cooperation with Funky citizens and Media Literacy Coalition and is intended for older people

We rely on you, the representatives of libraries, community centers, retirement clubs, non-governmental organizations and institutions, that are in contact with older people, to organize those interested to take part in the webinar to increase their media literacy in the digital environment.

NB! If you are a representative of an institution that will provide access to online training for a group of elderly people from your community, please register in the above form with the name of the institution and submit an approximate number of webinar participantsDimitrina Papagalska [d.papagalska@gmail.com] – training organizer. We remind you that it is necessary to observe the relevant anti-epidemic measures when gathering the participants in the respective room where the online webinar will be broadcast.

The Digital Stars Certificate is issued to all organizations that have supported the local webinar.

Тhe lecturer:

Kristina Hristova is the chairwoman of the Coalition for Media Literacy and one of the founders of the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria, which she leads between 2010 and 2016. Until September 2018, she is the director of the \“Red House\“ Center for Culture and Debate. For her work as a journalist on European issues she has been awarded three times by the Office of the European Commission in Bulgaria with the Robert Schuman Award in the category of Internet media. She graduated in International Relations in Sofia, Political Science and Political Sociology in Paris.

Program consultant:
Borislav Georgiev is an organizational psychologist with a master\’s degree in Strasbourg, a business consultant in the field of organizational development and human resources development.

supports civil society organizations across the continent to use the best technology for social change. It equips changemakers with transformative technology products, knowledge, and services so they may benefit from technology and make social change. TechSoup teaches how to use technology for good and connects unlikely collaborators, such as social activists, hackers, designers, government, local authorities and business partners. TechSoup builds communities with whom it tries to generate innovative solutions to social challenges.

Media Literacy Coalition brings together organizations in the fields of education, journalism and civic participation, academics and media literacy experts. The Coalition is open to joining all organizations that support the mission and are active in the field of education. The Coalition works to integrate media literacy fully into the educational process and to increase media literacy in society. The aim is to develop critical thinking and creativity, first of all, for children and young people in the digital-media world, but also for all other age groups in Bulgaria.

HIVE MIND — is a harbor for a community of practice. In today’s digital world, our freedom of information is being challenged by sophisticated misinformation and disinformation tactics. We’re here to assist you in the journey of digital transformation and to support these freedoms by building media literacy skills throughout civil society and in communities where people come together to form trust and social ties. Visit Hive Mind before the workshop.

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