Fake news during a pandemic: free training for high school students

A one-day free online training for high school students \“Fake news during a pandemic: how to recognize and expose them\“ organized by the national online platform for student journalism sCOOL Media will be held on February 22 and March 10 and 25. Lecturers at the workshops are three journalists – members of the Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria (AEJ) – with many years of experience both in their profession and in conducting training and working with young people: Maria Cheresheva, Martin Dimitrov and Ivan Radev. The training is free, but registration is required.

22.02 (Monday) from 18:30 to 19:30 
Лектори: Maria Cheresheva, Martin Dimitrov

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10.03 (Wednesday) – 12:30 – 13:30 
Лектори: Maria Cheresheva, Ivan Radev

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25.03 (Thursday) 18:30 – 19:30 
Лектори: Maria Cheresheva, Martin Dimitrov

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The training will cover the following topics and concepts:
  • Review of the basic concepts of fake news, propaganda, misinformation
  • What are the main types of false news (clickbait, propaganda, satire, bad journalism), why nuance is important and what is the difference with unconfirmed information
  • Key myths that spread during a pandemic: conspiracy theories about the creation of the virus, counterfeit drugs and treatments; propaganda campaigns of various governments aimed at increasing their authority at the expense of their opponents
  • How to fact-check sources of information and why creating habits related to media consumption is an important part of countering fake news during a pandemic

and will involve the participants in the following activities :

  • Quiz \“lie or truth\“ with selected examples on the topic of coronavirus
  • Linking different fake news to different types of false news (clickbait, propaganda, satire, bad journalism)
  • How not to become a spreader of fake news on social networks (and why this is important)

For more information you can contact the editors of sCOOL Media at editor@scoolmedia.com.

The trainings are held within the campaign \“Media Literacy Days 2021\“ – an initiative of the Media Literacy Coalition, which aims to increase of Bulgarian citizens\’ media literacy. Media Literacy Days 2021 are supported by the Department of Education and Science, the Department of Culture, the US Embassy\’s Small Grants Program, the America for Bulgaria Foundation, UNICEF Bulgaria, TechSoup Europe and Funky Citizens.

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Image:  sCOOL Media

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