Online media literacy for mentors with the journalist Mirolyuba Benatova

The Media Literacy Coalition organizes free training for media literacy mentors for employees in regional community centers, libraries and local municipalities. Тhe training is led by the investigative journalist Mirolyuba Benatova, with over 20 years of experience in various media in Bulgaria and dozens of prestigious awards in the field of journalism.

The training is conducted within the project \“SMART – Regional Communities\“, with the support of the Alumni TIES program for small grants of the US State Department, and the campaign \“Media Literacy Days 2021\“. The training lasts 4 sessions of 90 minutes each, and after the end the participants will be able to prepare their version of the attached training program.

5 , 7, 12, 14 April – from 17.00 to 18.00

Graduates will receive a certificate for online media literacy mentors. It is issued to all participants who have attended the four modules of the program. Those wishing to take part have to fill and submit this form by 1 April 2021. Places are limited.

The training includes the following skills:

  • understanding the different types of media content that is consumed and the impact that each has;
  • recognition of the main elements of authentic and reliable news/information;
  • identification of news/information that is propaganda/misinformation;
  • online fraud detection;
  • recognition of the main characteristics of the false profiles and their behavior;
  • adherence to basic rules for creating media content understanding the risks associated with providing personal information online

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About the trainers:

\"\"For over 20 years, her mission as a journalist has been to tell exciting stories, reveal important details, introduce interesting people, ask questions, deal with conflicts and defend positions. She received dozens of awards, some of which international. The most important of them are the Grand Prize \“Chernorizets Hrabar\“ for investigative journalism, the Grand Prize \“Valya Krushkina – Journalism for People\“ and the Grand Prize for Journalism \“Saint Vlas\“, whose monetary equivalent Mirolyuba did not accept for ethical reasons.

She has worked for 168 Hours, BTV and Nova TV and writes for the magazines \“Biograph\“, \“L\’EUROPEO\“, \“Manager\“, \“EGOIST\“. She is also a part-time lecturer in documentary cinema at NBU, taxi driver and motivational speaker in the corporate world. Benatova was a lecturer at three editions of TEDx in Bulgaria. She is ranked among the 100 most influential women in our country, as well as among the TOP 50 most influential Bulgarians on Facebook.

The project \“SMART – regional communities\“ is funded by The US Department of State\’s Alumni TIES Small Grants Program

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Cover image: Standret at www.freepik.com

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